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AgStock Images is a niche stock photography agency specializing in every aspect of agriculture in North America, and throughout the world. A few of the most important subject matter categories are: ag aerials, barns, chemical application, crops (field and studio), crop damage and disease, cultivation, equipment, farm families and farm life, farmers, farms and ranches, field preparation, harvesting, insects, irrigation, laboratories, livestock, market places, planting, research, transportation, weather related subjects and weeds. Of course there are many other subjects related to agriculture that we retain in the library.

We appreciate your interest in AgStock Images. Below are the guidelines, which must be met in order to place your images with AgStock Images:

1. A submission of 50-100 agricultural images for review, most of which fall into the above categories, preferably submitted as digital jpeg files, on DVD, CD-ROM, or via e-mail or posted to an ftp site. If materials are to be returned, include with submission prepaid return shipping forms (Fed. Ex., Airborne, Priority Mail or First Class Mail) with all shipping information filled out.

2. Provide detailed written information about your file of agricultural images including subject matter and quantity. Please also include information about your yearly shooting volume of assignment and stock agricultural work.

After steps 1 and 2 have been completed and it has been determined that your work meets the quality standard of AgStock Images, the following criteria must be met:

3. A minimum of 250 high quality color images edited by AgStock Images are required as a first submission into the AgStock Images library. Only hi-res digital RAW or TIFF files will be accepted. Digital files from transparencies must be scanned on an Imacon or drum scanner at 60MB, and in TIFF format.

Files from digital cameras must originate from an 12 megapixel camera or higher, and as RAW files converted to 60MB TIFF files. Digital files must be color corrected on a high resolution, color calibrated monitor. If the above digital criteria cannot be met, RAW files must be provided, and TIFF conversion will be accomplished at AgStock Images. JPEG files, or TIFF files converted from JPEG, will not be accepted.

4. Must be legally able to sign a five year contract with AgStock Images, which will restrict the photographer from submitting their agricultural images to any other stock agency. We have no restriction from submitting non-agricultural images to other stock agencies.

5. Must live and/or work in an area of the U.S. or Canada in which AgStock Images does not currently have an exclusive relationship with another photographer, or an area in which AgStock Images does not have a full quota of photographers, unless...

6. You have a unique specialty or photographic style, and you live and/or work in an area in which AgStock Images has an exclusive relationship with a photographer or a full quota of photographers. AgStock Images has no territorial restrictions on photographers outside the U.S. and Canada.

7. Must be a working professional photographer, or university researcher, who will submit new images to AgStock Images on a semi-regular basis. Contributors who have few images in their library and who cannot contribute regularly will not be accepted.

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dot Aerial, Ag Fields (34, 190)
dot Ag Abstracts (0, 25)
dot Ag Accidents (0, 2)
dot Ag Art (0, 295)
dot Americana (0, 54)
dot Amish (0, 26)
dot Animal Pests and Beneficials (0, 8)
dot Auctions and Farm Shows (0, 53)
dot Barns (0, 267)
dot Chemical Application (47, 980)
dot Chemicals (2, 44)
dot Christmas (0, 14)
dot Communications and Technology (0, 265)
dot Consulting, Crop and Soil (0, 309)
dot Coolers (0, 2)
dot Cooperative Farming and Family Farming (0, 31)
dot Cotton Gins (0, 22)
dot Country Roads (0, 112)
dot Country Stores (0, 7)
dot Cowboys and Cowgirls (0, 162)
dot Crop Damage (20, 594)
dot Crop Damage Control (0, 12)
dot Crop Disease (0, 274)
dot Crops (369, 13877)
dot Cultivating (14, 69)
dot Energy (0, 139)
dot Environmental Applications and Conditions (0, 10)
dot Equipment Repair and Maintenance (0, 101)
dot Exchanges, Trading Floors, Financial Markets (0, 39)
dot Family Farm Life (0, 468)
dot Farm Administration and Office (0, 11)
dot Farm Towns (0, 29)
dot Farmers (42, 1884)
dot Farms and Ranches (31, 296)
dot Fences (0, 31)
dot Fertilizer and Fertilizing (0, 112)
dot Field Damage (0, 4)
dot Field Prep (2, 494)
dot Field Trials and Demonstrations (0, 11)
dot Field Workers (0, 17)
dot Food and Beverages (28, 194)
dot Foreign Agriculture (63, 856)
dot Golf Courses (0, 24)
dot Grafting (0, 34)
dot Grain Bins and Grain Silos (0, 155)
dot Grain Elevators and Terminals (0, 213)
dot Grass Waterways and Drainage Channels (0, 10)
dot Greenhouses and Nurseries (0, 173)
dot Harvesting (111, 2754)
dot Horticulture (17, 221)
dot Hot Air Balloons (0, 10)
dot Hydro Cooler and Hydro Vac (0, 4)
dot Hydroponics (0, 3)
dot Insect Traps (0, 22)
dot Insects and Arachnids (40, 1078)
dot Irrigation (16, 457)
dot Laboratories (Ag) (1, 86)
dot Livestock (113, 3962)
dot Livestock Feed (0, 3)
dot Livestock Producers (5, 144)
dot Market Places (20, 118)
dot Meat Packing Plants (0, 18)
dot Natural Disasters (0, 7)
dot Orchard Maintenance (0, 46)
dot Orchards, Miscellaneous (0, 2)
dot Organic Farming (0, 10)
dot Pastures and Rangeland (0, 60)
dot Planted Fields, Pregermination (0, 42)
dot Planting (26, 743)
dot Politics (2, 11)
dot Production and Processing Facilities (0, 133)
dot Research (0, 76)
dot Rodeo (0, 1)
dot Scenics (1, 60)
dot Seed Production (0, 2)
dot Seeds (0, 64)
dot Signs (0, 27)
dot Soil (0, 18)
dot Strip Farming (0, 27)
dot Supermarkets (2, 6)
dot Tile Drainage (0, 7)
dot Tractors and Combines (3, 67)
dot Transportation (4, 110)
dot Turnrows (0, 3)
dot Urban Encroachment (0, 19)
dot Vineyard Maintenance (0, 22)
dot Warehouses (0, 20)
dot Weather Related Subjects (4, 112)
dot Weed Control, Nonchemical (0, 4)
dot Weeds (32, 2253)
dot Windbreaks and Shelterbreaks (0, 4)
dot Windmills (0, 20)
dot Wine (0, 8)
dot Wine Makers (0, 4)
dot Wineries (0, 46)