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AgStock Images Search Tips

There are several ways to search for images on the AgStock Images website.

Keyword Search, accessed from the homepage and all secondary pages, is the easiest search method. Simply type in one or more keywords and click the “Search” button. Your search will return every image that includes those keywords. For example, type “soybean” and your search results will include soybeans, soybean fields, soybean harvesting, soybean planting, soybean diseases, etc. By typing “soybean” and “harvest” and “combine”, your search will return only images that have all three keywords, thus narrowing down the number of images to view. The keyword search returns images from all three product lines unless you uncheck one, or more, of the check boxes.

To search for images by a specific photographer simply enter the photographers name and click the “Search” button. To search for a specific image, enter the image number, eg. AGST-12345 or 12345, and click the “Search” button.

Advanced Search utilizes the Keyword Search, but narrows the search further by allowing the user to select specific additional criteria such as product lines, model or property release status, image orientation, or various boolean expressions. You may further narrow your search by including a photographer’s name. Only images by that photographer and which include your keywords will be found.

Click the “Advanced Search” link in the lower section of the Keyword Search box to access this search mode.

Category Search results in a very specific image selection and does not use keywords. It is accessed from the “Browse Image Categories” link in the Keyword Search box, or by selecting the Categories navigation tab at the top of each page. All images in the AgStock Images collection are categorized in Subject Categories - main categories and sub categories. Here are some examples:


Crops / Corn / Grain & Silage / Early Growth

Harvesting / Peanuts

Livestock / Cattle, Dairy / Cattle Breeds / Holstein / In Pasture

By using the Category Search, every image within the specific category or sub category will appear in the search results. No images will appear from other categories, eliminating the time it takes to wade through hundreds of images that are irrelevant to the searcher’s needs.

When accessing the Categories you will have two search options. First, you will notice thumbnail images in the main window with a description below. These represent Image Categories. Click on a thumbnail and you will see either all the selected images from that category, or you will see thumbnails of sub-categories. Again, click on a thumbnail and you will see selected images from that sub-category. A few categories may have as many as three, four or five sub-category levels.

The second search method is accessed from the Categories column on the right side of every secondary page. This text list shows every Main Category. Categories with a + indicate sub-categories. Click on the + and the sub-categories will be shown. Click on any of the links without a + and the images from that category or sub-category will appear in the main window. Notice the numbers in parentheses to the right of each category. The number on the left indicates the number of sub-categories within the category. The number on the right indicates the number of images within that category.

We have endeavored to create an easy, but comprehensive, search database for our growing collection of images. As you can see there are numerous methods to search, and categories to browse. If you have questions about how to find specific images, please contact us by email ( or phone (831-624-8600). We’re easy to talk with and always happy to help.

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Browse Image Categories
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dot Aerial, Ag Fields (34, 190)
dot Ag Abstracts (0, 25)
dot Ag Accidents (0, 2)
dot Ag Art (0, 295)
dot Americana (0, 54)
dot Amish (0, 26)
dot Animal Pests and Beneficials (0, 8)
dot Auctions and Farm Shows (0, 53)
dot Barns (0, 267)
dot Chemical Application (47, 980)
dot Chemicals (2, 44)
dot Christmas (0, 14)
dot Communications and Technology (0, 265)
dot Consulting, Crop and Soil (0, 309)
dot Coolers (0, 2)
dot Cooperative Farming and Family Farming (0, 31)
dot Cotton Gins (0, 22)
dot Country Roads (0, 112)
dot Country Stores (0, 7)
dot Cowboys and Cowgirls (0, 162)
dot Crop Damage (20, 594)
dot Crop Damage Control (0, 12)
dot Crop Disease (0, 274)
dot Crops (369, 13877)
dot Cultivating (14, 69)
dot Energy (0, 139)
dot Environmental Applications and Conditions (0, 10)
dot Equipment Repair and Maintenance (0, 101)
dot Exchanges, Trading Floors, Financial Markets (0, 39)
dot Family Farm Life (0, 468)
dot Farm Administration and Office (0, 11)
dot Farm Towns (0, 29)
dot Farmers (42, 1884)
dot Farms and Ranches (31, 296)
dot Fences (0, 31)
dot Fertilizer and Fertilizing (0, 112)
dot Field Damage (0, 4)
dot Field Prep (2, 494)
dot Field Trials and Demonstrations (0, 11)
dot Field Workers (0, 17)
dot Food and Beverages (28, 194)
dot Foreign Agriculture (63, 856)
dot Golf Courses (0, 24)
dot Grafting (0, 34)
dot Grain Bins and Grain Silos (0, 155)
dot Grain Elevators and Terminals (0, 213)
dot Grass Waterways and Drainage Channels (0, 10)
dot Greenhouses and Nurseries (0, 173)
dot Harvesting (111, 2754)
dot Horticulture (17, 221)
dot Hot Air Balloons (0, 10)
dot Hydro Cooler and Hydro Vac (0, 4)
dot Hydroponics (0, 3)
dot Insect Traps (0, 22)
dot Insects and Arachnids (40, 1078)
dot Irrigation (16, 457)
dot Laboratories (Ag) (1, 86)
dot Livestock (113, 3962)
dot Livestock Feed (0, 3)
dot Livestock Producers (5, 144)
dot Market Places (20, 118)
dot Meat Packing Plants (0, 18)
dot Natural Disasters (0, 7)
dot Orchard Maintenance (0, 46)
dot Orchards, Miscellaneous (0, 2)
dot Organic Farming (0, 10)
dot Pastures and Rangeland (0, 60)
dot Planted Fields, Pregermination (0, 42)
dot Planting (26, 743)
dot Politics (2, 11)
dot Production and Processing Facilities (0, 133)
dot Research (0, 76)
dot Rodeo (0, 1)
dot Scenics (1, 60)
dot Seed Production (0, 2)
dot Seeds (0, 64)
dot Signs (0, 27)
dot Soil (0, 18)
dot Strip Farming (0, 27)
dot Supermarkets (2, 6)
dot Tile Drainage (0, 7)
dot Tractors and Combines (3, 67)
dot Transportation (4, 110)
dot Turnrows (0, 3)
dot Urban Encroachment (0, 19)
dot Vineyard Maintenance (0, 22)
dot Warehouses (0, 20)
dot Weather Related Subjects (4, 112)
dot Weed Control, Nonchemical (0, 4)
dot Weeds (32, 2253)
dot Windbreaks and Shelterbreaks (0, 4)
dot Windmills (0, 20)
dot Wine (0, 8)
dot Wine Makers (0, 4)
dot Wineries (0, 46)